Drupal 7 upgrade sprint (or barn raising)

Over the span of history, inventions have come about that changed the world as we know it. Think of GPS technology, bar codes, credit cards, and the Sony Walkman. But while these inventions in themselves were amazing, their success and popularity would not have been possible without the consumers who bought them, used them, and supported them. Just as consumers got behind these inventions, supporters are needed to rally behind the Drupal 7 to realize its potential.

In order for the community to be able to take advantage of the new Drupal release, the supporting cast of contributed modules needs to be updated. For this to happen in conjunction with the release of D7, help is needed now, and testers, documenters, and developers are all in high demand!

The D7CX movement formed with pledges by certain contributed module maintainers to have a full Drupal 7 release on the day that Drupal 7 is made public. While good, that still leaves a lot of important modules without a timely D7 release. With your help, we can tip the scales. For this to happen, we're asking that the Drupal community come together and help finish an automated solution to module updates.

To get started writing an upgrade routine, read the Automated Updates documentation. To help test routines or document needed routines, visit Testing and Documenting an Upgrade. Together, let's make early adoption of Drupal 7 a choice.

Dates and Times

A virtual code sprint (or barn raising) will be held this Friday and Saturday, February 19 and 20, starting by 8am on America/Chicago time. Direct your questions to solotandem in the #drupal-contribute IRC channel.

About the Title

For those unfamiliar with the phrase "barn raising," check out this link. The wiki community has adopted the phrase "wiki barn raising." In similar fashion, this will be an "upgrade barn raising."