New online tools for porting your module to D7

Three quick points on this Friday.

First, Drupal 7 is almost "officially" here. Although not officially released, it is in production use on several large sites, among the most notable being That fact is a tribute to the automated testing system in place for core development.

Second, kudos to those contributed module maintainers who have lived up to their D7CX pledges and have their modules ready for D7.

Third, for those who need to port a module from D6 to D7, take a look at these new online conversion tools. You can:

The code reformatting is an automatic by-product of using the Grammar Parser to rewrite your code. The code conversions are handled by Coder Upgrade while the post-conversion reviews are made by Coder Review, both part of the Coder project. You have the choice of uploading an entire module(s), or copying and pasting a single code file or a code snippet.

It's simple. Upload your D6 module code. Download your converted module code, a patch file, and the output from Coder Review applied to the converted code.

The SQL conversion tool is the SQL parser module. Copy and paste a SQL expression, click a button, and receive a D7 database object expression.

If you try out the new tools, don't forget to provide some feedback.


This tool is awesome. Just

This tool is awesome. Just used it for some of my simpler modules, and it's so helpful to not have to read through a whole upgrade guide in the handbook just to get some of the smaller modules converted. Plus it helps to see that there are a few small style changes.