Update on automated module conversion

Automated module conversion seems to be a hit!

In December 2008, the Deadwood module was made available for use without download on the Boombatower web site. In the three months since, nearly 600 modules have been uploaded to the site and run through its conversion routines.

This is very encouraging news for the entire Drupal community. My only regret is this heavy usage comes nearly a year after the official release of Drupal 6. As stated in my previous post, I continue to challenge and encourage us as a community to embrace the idea of having our contributed modules ready to deploy when the new core version is released. To this end, I am working on a new version of Deadwood (that will be part of the Coder project and be renamed to Coder Upgrade). My goal with the new release is to increase the percentage of core API changes handled by the conversion routines and to provide an API to assist developers to write conversion routines for non-core APIs that are referenced in other contributed modules.


I had no idea about the

I had no idea about the Deadwood module.
Thanks for the heads up.
Coder Upgrade will be great to have for Drupal 7 :).

No Luck for me

I ran my module through the automatic converter, activated it and now I have a beautyfull white page without anything.
It was just a testing environment (of course), but I hoped it can safe me some time converting the modules.

Nevertheless, nice work.