Boombatower Development Site Redesign

We have just completed the redesign of our site, making it both more aesthetic pleasing and with a simplified layout to present only vital information. It was felt that the site should be improved to allow us to represent our clients better.

The new theme incorporates a redesigned menu bar, blocks column, and page headers. Overall the lighter shades of blue have given the site a much more lively feel.

We have removed much of the services section since much of that information was overwhelming. We have now opted a simple description on the home page and an updated about page.


taxonomy filter

dear sir
i want to add three lable of category
first----- Location which is drop down
2 international
second-------Zone if domestic have 4 sub category
and international have 2 sub category
3 city only that city is appear which is belong to own zone
after all its node is appear

plz help as soon as possible

In order to respond to your

In order to respond to your question, please create an issue in the queue for the taxonomy filter module. Mark it as a support request.