Profile modules

Boombatower Development created two profile related modules. The modules can be used together to create a highly customizable profile interface.

Both modules seem to have taken off rather quickly with a good number of hits in the usages statistics shortly after their release.

Profile role

Relate profile field categories to particular roles, instead of all fields being related to all roles. Use profile to define all user data fields, but restrict which fields are related to users of a particular role. The interface allows you to relate profile field categories to roles.

Profile permission

Restrict editing of profile fields with an auto generated permission. Only users with that permission will be able to edit the field, but the field display will follow the standard visibility rules.

Take a look and lets us know what you think.


For core profile?

You may want to specify "core profile" since so many of us are using the contrib module content_profile module to get profiles as nodes, with CCK fields etc. But if fields do go into core for users in Drupal 7, Agaric for one shop will be back checking out your modules!!

(Oh, and check your OpenID configuration. After trying to log in with OpenID, I got this message: "Only site administrators can create new user accounts." But maybe it's just doing quality control on who registers...)

benjamin, Agaric Design Collective