Thank you for visiting this page. You are in good company. From our site, the Deadwood module has assisted with the conversion of over 1100 modules from 5.x to 6.x!

The purpose of this module is to automate as much as possible the task of updating a contributed module for Drupal API changes, and thereby simplify the task of porting contributed modules shortly after a new Drupal release.

You can convert a module's code right here. You do not need to download and install the Deadwood module on your server. Simply click the first link below to begin.

Convert a 5.x module to 6.x now
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Coder Upgrade

Get ready for D7 with Coder Upgrade (the 7.x version of Deadwood), now part of the Coder project. We intend the new module to do a more thorough job converting your module to D7 than Deadwood does for D6. We will be providing the same online service to assist you in converting your 6.x module to 7.x.

Remember, Boombatower Development is also available to assist you with making sure your module runs properly in D7 and to help you take advantage of the cool new changes. Look forward to the new link shortly.